Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Are we geared up for combating the deadly diseases

Health is wealth, we all grew up reading this in books and listening to this slogan time and again but how many of us actually ponder on this thought and take time to keep ourselves fit and fine? We all are so busy that we forget about our health until some deadly disease knocks us down.

 The changing lifestyle and the work pressures have made us very vulnerable to all kinds of diseases. The entire world is working for fighting these diseases and India is also fast realizing the threats and making every effort to provide the best of health facilities. With the help of technology such as video conferencing we can actually gear up for providing a healing touch to many interior regions.

Expanding the horizons

People in India have suffered many setbacks due to poor health facilities and the apathy of the officials towards proper hygiene and sanitation. Though the government has made many efforts in this regard by providing healthcare centers at all the major places, but we need to incorporate a better approach towards reaching the interior regions which are still waiting for treatment and medicines. It’s time to expand our horizons and give the rural areas the gift of tele-medicine so that more lives can be saved.

Collaborating research and development in the field of medicine

India has produced many world renowned doctors and scientists who are working day and night to come up with the cure of the deadliest of diseases. The research in medicine can scale new heights with the joint efforts of the national and international community. The video conference software gives our doctors a chance to collaborate better with their counterparts sitting in other countries and come out with the best results.

Connecting the unreachable places to a central location with the help of video conferencing

The interior regions are still suffering due to the unavailability of the medical facilities and they have to travel long distances to get treatment. Some of the villages have got health care centers but there are no doctors. To handle this situation the government needs to install the video conferencing software to connect the patients to a central location where the doctors are available. This can help the helpless people get proper treatment without travelling long distances.   

Free health facilities for the poor

Though the government has revised the health which promises to give free health facilities to all and free medicines to the people below the poverty line but these facilities sometimes don’t reach the people and many suffer due to lack of medicines. So it is very important to monitor whether the medicines are reaching the people in need or whether the doctors are doing their duties impartially. The healthcare system in India suffers a lot due to political interference so we need to keep a check. The video conferencing can create a network of officials to monitor all the efforts put in by the government towards health care.  

Expert advice at hand

Sometimes the major surgeries don’t succeed as the expert surgeons are not available in time. The senior surgeon is always invited for giving their expert advice in carrying on the major operations, especially in cases of open-heart surgeries and neuro-surgeries. It is important to connect with the best people in the field through the best communication system where the surgeon can demonstrate what to do and he can have a better view of the patient to give advice. Video conferencing software has given a new approach to the doctors to carry on with the major surgeries with the help of tele-presence of the expert.
There is no doubt that video conferencing can change the healthcare scenario in India in a better way, giving a healing touch to millions of people in the form of timely treatment.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Paving A Way To Success With Video Conferencing At Your Aide

Success is a very confusing word as far as I am concerned. I fail to understand whether earning enough money is success, or getting professional gratification or getting fame and recognition is a success. Whatever it is, one thing is sure everyone is striving hard to be successful one day in their own respective ways.

Man has come a long way, crossing many hurdles reaching where we are today. Life has become a blessing with technology on our side, making our work easier and a lot more fun. The automatic tools have taken the place of the mechanical ones giving us the luxury of time. The time saving quest of man has helped him with inventing another such marvel of technology which we know by the name of video conferencing. This technology has actually made it possible to believe what we see and hear without moving out of our rooms. It has been accepted with open arms by the people of India, the reason being obvious.
The Economical Tool
The distances have always posed a problem in the way of communication, making us helpless to move without going through the hassles of travelling. Travelling these days is pretty expensive, the prices of fuel soaring, going across the border means wasting a hell lot of money. Though the computer age has bestowed us with some of the magnificent tools which have actually become a way of communication, but as far as reliability and expenses are concerned, the video conferencing has no match. It saves us a lot of money and time if used fully.

Bridging The Physical Gap In Style
Most of the deals happen in the boardrooms and face to face meetings where we can read the mind of the person sitting in front. In fact what we see is much more effective than what we hear, but sometimes distances force us to believe what we hear. The advent of multi-national companies in India has changed that perception and we welcomed the change which helped in removing the physical barriers. From online companies, we are changing into global firms which can operate anywhere in the world with the help of video conferencing. There’s no doubt. It is successfully bridging the gaps in style.

Making Work Easier
The most important thing when working online is a good connectivity among the group and proper coordination. Though the cloud services and Skype may give you cheaper options, but the clarity of the voice and uninterrupted video is something we look at the professional level and this can be best provided by a class of art video conferencing service providers. People are still wary of using this modus of work operandi, especially in the public sector, but once you get a knack of it, you will definitely love it.

Letting The World Know We Have Arrived
The world has become a small place where you can reach the far off places in seconds without damaging your pockets. There is a huge audience for us right there who are willing to give the appreciation we always aspire for. The Indian economy has gone up beyond expectations, surprising the entire world, which is now more than willing to bet on it. This is the right time to strike the deal and employs the best methods to let the world know that we are ready to accept any challenge, laced with the latest technology of video conferencing.
Connecting The Entire Nation In A Unique Bond
As a nation, India has progressed in a slow manner, mainly due to the differences created by the evil forces in the minds of people for their own benefit. But now we have risen above all these to see the new dawn where success is not far away. We have embraced the best of technology to come on a common platform to express our protest against corruption and injustice. The social media is used as a weapon to combat the evil forces. In fact tool like video conferencing is helping in connecting the entire nation in a unique bond.

The author Shelly works as a SEO at People link Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leader in Software Video Conferencing products,  also sells audio conferencing products and multimedia products like Mini Led Projectors.