Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Video Conferencing - An Eminent Data Collaboration Tool

Video conferencing software has become more an office requirement than a fancy tool due to its gaining preference and extensive usage in business organizations. Its distinguished features makes it prominent among the office tools making it worthy which produces amazing results for the money investment.

 Few of its features are listed below:

Deployment is Easy

As the technology takes a upsurge in communication, data collaboration has become easy with most sophisticated tools like video conferencing. Implementation has become easier as the methods of buying and shipping the tools are made simpler. Conferencing and collaborating faster enables to see immediate improvement in the ROI of the company. Using online conferencing has been prefer ed as the difficulties entangled with deployment and implementations are handled by the vendors, creating a ease to imbibe emerging tools of communication in offices.

Multiparty conferencing

For effective output from the employees, connecting to diversified workforce spread across the globe and work from home employees who need to be involved in regular interactions which brings clarity of objectives at which the organization is focusing is essential. Online connectivity is easier resulting in driving productive work towards the goals of business. Using online conferencing is gaining prominence as virtual working has its own eminence over real office environment. Video conferencing is one method where regular meetings become a reality with maximum number of attendees.

Web acceleration

As the internet bandwidth has increased considerably, the ISBN lease lines work at lightning speed helping in uploading and downloading huge amount of information. Now the software Video conferencing which can be implemented at low bandwidth, conferencing and collaborating is smooth and preferred to enable discussions instantly leading to esteemed decisions without much delay or requiring repeated meetups as in case of delay in data reached to the members.
The above crucial features make video conferencing a most important tool for office in data sharing and data collaboration.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Mobile Video Conferencing In Business

Entry of the smartphone into the marketplace has taken mobile technology as a storm. The ability of the smartphone to add third-party applications makes it different from a normal mobile. Carrying a  smartphone device means carrying all the consumer-oriented functions such as video games, HD camera, music set, a mobile TV along with the connectivity to internet, enabling to send, check and receive emails, a video recorder to record the event in any conference and ability to open office applications.

Smartphones are reaching the point where they are becoming primary computing devices. Having both front and back cameras make consumers able to connect to any conferences live, using video conferencing. Business people can connect to any conference from anywhere in the world not required to be in front of the PC or at office. It has become  a requirement in businesses whether small or medium sized, business video conferencing has become an office tool. With the advent of smart phones to work and be connect in the corporate world there is an increasing tendency seen in the employees to have their own devices, Bring your own device(BYOD) started achieving prominence. Business organizations started issuing mobiles to keep the employees connected 24/7. In an environment where the business networks are spread out across the world connecting through mobile is easy, why not conferencing.

Mobile Video conferencing is more a successful business idea as it is easier to carry a smartphone than a laptop. Connecting through smartphone means never missing any meeting with clients whether far or near, health and bad weather reasons cannot now, anymore cancel any discussions.

It is mobile age, where 4 out 5 people use smartphones for shopping online, the younger generation are smarter and fast learners of technology, their usage and understanding of apps is higher. When they graduate from college and join any business organization, the organization gets manpower who are already enriched with the knowledge of usage of smartphone and mobile apps. Business organization does not have the burden of training them in specific for Conferencing through mobile devices.

Severe upsurge in smartphone competition among the mobile companies has replaced simple handsets with wider touch-screen displays, user friendly operating systems, powerful processors which support all business requirement of a PC. All the features reduce the pain of carrying laptop while traveling. It is the portable form of the mobile device which makes it all that important in business.

Internet has highly influenced all businesses of today, we cannot imagine offices without internet, emails, websites and online conferences. Mobile with the advent of smartphone has captured all the features of internet and office requirements, it is predicted to  make bigger revolution than internet. Product selling has also seen considerable impact of mobile, 4 out 5 people use mobile for online shopping. Mobile has become a device which is always carried along. Business connectivity using mobile is now a successful idea. Getting connected through Mobile Video conferencing will be more flexible strategy to connect anytime, anywhere and cannot be delayed more.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Business Conferences In Bad Weather

Business conferences, which contribute to major part of the productivity of a company. It involves traveling to distant locations, long and some times repeated discussions. Repeated traveling causes immense discomfort in employees added will be the bad weather outside, which is frightful as it brings down employee's enthusiasm and motivation. No one can go against natural weather calamities, which are diversified and unforeseen.

If one wants to excel in business, they need to think about implementing effective and innovative method to maintain   continuty  of communication with clients and branch offices. Online communication saves time and travel expenses. Web-based conferencing also offers the following benefits:

Bad weather cannot be an excuse for cancelling a conference any more. New communication tools like video conferencing gives an opportunity for businesses to continue with the meetings irrespective of the drastic weather. Providing a facility to work from remote places, with out traveling still being connected through video conferencing gives a very comfortable work environment to the employees as they are luckily able to escape from traveling in drastic weather conditions.

Winter weather is harsh, with ice and snow showers. Dense mist and fog causes airline flight delays and cancellations or temporary closing of airports. Pre scheduled meetings get delayed, postponed or canceled due to snow and ice packed roads and highways creating serious hindrances for traveling. Web and Video conferencing  helps out to hold face-to-face meetings, connecting people from far of locations across the globe.

Bad weather conditions at the client place makes them cancel all their meetings and look for an alternative, this is the time when they find the competitors in the picture reaching them and successfully closing the lead which was supposed to close at the scheduled meeting. Using of sophisticated tools of communication and not letting the client go away for any excuse of weather will add to the productivity of the company.

Online conferencing provides a comfortable business environment even in poor weather conditions. Conferencing online allows communications uninterrupted as in normal days. Using video conferencing, meetings and communications of business discussions are uninterrupted irrespective of weather conditions.  Now good weather condition is no more one of the favourable conditions for easy closing of a lead !! 

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Using Video Conferencing For Judicial Backlog

In many developing countries, judicial hearings are at district head quarters or at capital cities. People from remote places suffer because of the delay in judicial hearing. Each hearing is accompanied with the problem of reaching courts which are at far of locations, they wait years together, just to get a legal hearing, time passes away waiting, some times in jails, many times in controversies creating lot of delay in taking right decision. Courts cannot be blamed for the situation as the cases get piled up to a situation where resolving all the issues quickly is impossible.

Large number of pending cases are of minor motor vehicle, stealing, insult, slapping etc. It is a known fact that, there is a shortage of judicial staff. It is to panic that people's faith is decreasing drastically towards the sluggish legal proceedings, each hearing is mere test of patience, not a solution for resolving their disputes. A new ad-hoc and innovative method of clearing up the accumulated cases at the courts is need.

Setting up trial and mobile courts at accessible places and connecting to senior judges from the district or state level courts through video conferencing will solve the problem of lack of judges.

Arranging a public hearing where each side will present their evidence to support their version of facts and legal arguments to support them. The Judges can be connected to the hearings to resolve the issues staying at the court or at their residence. Through the technology like video conferencing the Judge can connect to next village one after the other as their is no traveling and he/she can give his verdict to many cases at an amazing speed in turn contributes to the clearing off the accumulated cases.

Many of the court cases can be resolved by trial method as:

1. In a criminal case, a prosecutor, in a trial method may offer the defendant to accept guilt to avoid more severe sentence if their is a chance of proving to be guilty in a real court. This is called plea bargaining.

2. In a civil case, most of the people want to solve the problem by compromise, as there is a fear of losing to the other side, as winning in trial court, moving further to a real court may not be supported. This is called 'Stipulation'. Connecting to a senior lawyer on line through video conferencing to act as a Judge for the compromise on legal terms, will work out in resolving minor disputes and reducing the strain of stepping the court steps.

Aiming at resolving the disputes, it can be done through discussing the issues in presence of a lawyer who can clarify legal issues involved and help to understand the constrains they are going to face, along with the kind of decisions they need to make, after the legal suit starts at a real court. A settlement doesn't really mean any one party is right or wrong, its a mere adjustments which both parties agree to make to live in harmony. A settlement need not resolve the whole problem, but both parties partially resolve the issue to a certain extent and both parties explicitly understand the legal issues interwoven with the dispute.

Finally to sum up, on line conferencing using Video conferencing solves considerable number of cases through the same staff. When implemented in courts it works wonders in bringing down the mountain of cases to a manageable size. Dealing simple cases through online conferencing helps the tribal and remote villages immensely.

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Monday, 5 August 2013

Revolutionizing Education Using Video Conferencing

Today's surging technology, Video Conferencing leaves no stone unturned, making amazing impact on Education. Its enormous benefits which every educational institution prefers to implement. On line education is picking momentum as many teachers prefer teaching using Video conferencing at the comfort of their home reaching remote class rooms. It is innovative where K-12 students at remote villages get a chance to connect to professional educators. Educators are happy teaching on line as they get notices by eminent technologist, educators and get to provide services to versatile students across the world. Usage of web conferencing tools to teach on line, aids as a fantastic tool for freelance educators earning a status world wide as celebrity. 
Learning on line which makes the difference:
Being freelance educators feel recording their on line classes benefits them as every class is dwelt a new idea, recording the classes while in a video conferencing helps them use it for reference and also can be made available through You Tube channels which is a chance to be noted to students at far of places.

Igniting a passion: Working individually ignites new thoughts and creates new ideas. Working with passion is the essence of freelance educators. Working with versatile students world wide is an opportunity to understand different pupils with various backgrounds, analyzing their approach to the subject, generates creeping in thoughts for creating innovative presentations which has versatility merged with remarkable enthusiasm. 

Motivation and inspiration: Teaching through Video conferencing has a unique perspective other than the regular classroom lecture. Teaching on line focuses more on motivating and inspiring the student rather than teaching the content, which can be fulfilled in a regular classroom through their teachers at schools. Motivation and inspiration are the two things which ignites the students thought process creates 'should do it' approach, after which they themselves find the details and interestingly, try to reach the information using various media, teacher, books, information centers as the kids directly connect to every incident that happens and observer in day to day life.

Hands on lab: Enjoyable teaching is inevitable with hands on lab. Presenting more of do and learn kind of teaching methods in on line teaching and helping students to get it done through Video conferencing software interactions changes the way to learn and sets new trends in teaching apart from a classroom teaching.

I am  Shelly Desuza, eminent in writing articles enriched with fresh content based on SEO standards focusing   on page and off page optimization.I write articles  on SEO and Video Conferencing products,  working as a Senior SEO and Web designer with Peoplelink Corporate solutions a leader in providing Boardroom Video Conferencing in India, also provides conference microphone speakers and multimedia products.

Video Conferencing To Improve Company Productivity

In the world of business today with escalating economic pressure and immense global competition, time is a major factor. The common objective of businesses around the world is to reduce company downtime and improve productivity considerably. It seems to be of major priority subjects for employees and business holders across the globe. in order to sustain growth and reach the targets. In order to sustain growth and reach the targets, innovative technologies are set to make best use of every minute all through the day.

In spite of recruiting the best people, the major drawback is the employees get unmotivated and are unable to attend few important meetings. Surging technologies like video conferencing helps employees stay tuned and connected what ever may be the reasons.

The following are the few situations which tend the employees to keep away from office:

1. Continuous Meetings - Continuous meetings which require employees traveling, being away from home, discomfort sitting in traffic, waiting at airports and spending at hotel rooms are the few reasons which reduce the motivational spirit of the employees. Creating stress, unnecessary waste of time which could otherwise be used in office. Conducting meetings using online conferencing tools like video conferencing helps in attending meetings from the comfort of their house or office reducing unnecessary traveling.

2. Adverse Weather: Comfortable weather helps to make traveling easy for the employees, but one need to travel in drastic weather conditions as well. In severe rain, snow, sunny days it becomes tough to travel, resulting in poor attendance of the members at meetings from distant places. Implementation of  video conferencing software  avoids less attendance problem and helps getting connected from any part of the world and gives a feeling of present in the same room.

3. Health Issues: Employees suffering from cold still try to attend office as their attendance in the meetings is crucial. When employees are suffering from bad health their enthusiasm is down and coming to work place, they also create a dull environment with low esteem, making other employees also unmotivated. Attending a meeting from the comfort of their home using Video conferencing helps the employees to keep them self connected as well as being at rest at home.
4. Boosting Motivation: Unmotivated people bring down the business by bringing down the enthusiasm of others in the office. Using Video conferencing tool we can boost employees enthusiasm. Any motivational speeches can be propagated across the branches to rise the employees interest.

5. Ill family members: If any family member is suffering from ill health and requires support then it is required for the employee to stay back at home and use Video conferencing tool to connect to office so that he can do justice for both at home and at office.

6. Boosting the enthusiasm periodically is keeps the employees creates effective work environment in turn improves productivity. Attending training physically will be a problem and hinders the day to day work. On line training would be a flexible choice where the employees can attend training sessions from home with out traveling and maintain high spirits always

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Video Conferencing For Group Meetings

Careful coordination is required while conducting large group meetings. Every location should be monitored such that the location is accessible, spacious to accommodate the estimated members, layout of arrangements of the meeting and check of availability,working condition of technology, if not the required arrangements to be made for a successful meetings.  If the locations are far scattered it becomes  difficult to physically reach to each location and get a clear idea of the arrangement, online conferencing tools aid in the process of giving clear picture of level of arrangements, which also gives a chance for suggestions for more amendments.   

Categorizing the meeting locations:

Meeting locations can be categorized into two:
Presenting locations
Attending locations
The centre or the head office acts as one of the presenting centers.  Host site is the location where the meeting originates from where the video and audio are transmitted to all other locations.  Many more presenting locations can be presenting locations, but the the location at the head office moderates the transmission of audio and video to the centers.  All the centers connected with video conferencing software makes monitoring the locations become easy.  

Attending locations: Most of the meeting locations are connected for people to get pooled up at a location for viewing and listening to the meeting or participating with a limited talk.  Attending locations are primarily for people to watch like the viewers of a television program.  The main motto being to target the message to mass audience.  Each location should be interacted and interlinked with the head office regardless of whether it is presenting location or attending location.  If too many locations are added to the meeting the host site acts as the moderator managing the agenda and the addressing to one location to another is done.  

Advantages of using Video Conferencing software technology in group meetings:
Implementation of Video Conferencing with multiple locations involved enables ample interaction between the locations.  A multipoint system is required to distribute signal from the host to the attending locations.  

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making Sales Easy By Using Video Conferencing

In the extremely advancing world of sales of current conditions, it is more expected that businesses get ready to more of uncertain market with denounce economic times. evaluating sales deployment and making innovative amendments in day to day strategies has become essential for all businesses and sales professionals in order to keep in pace with success.

Induction of new innovative tools and techniques to replace sales strategies in organizations plays a crucial role in boosting up sales professionals in facing emerging challenges in the competitive world. It helps sales professionals to be more determined and decisive at challenging situations which allows them to stand out boldly among the competitive world. Quick and timely decisions with clients and customers help in grabbing the opportunities being lost to the competitors. For which on line conferencing tool used of business meetings will be a best choice for sales as well to keep in touch with the customers. Video conferencing will be advantageous to sales as they face many professional challenges which are most commonly dealt with conversations and face to face interactions.

Generating new leads and conversion of a lead to a successful sales deal doesn't happen for one time conversation many times. It demands repeated follow up and careful persuasion of customers highlighting the product features along with high awareness of competitor product features. It becomes extremely influential using video conferencing software when the sales professionals respond quickly face to face, with comparison of features upgraded, available and uniqueness of the brand.
Using video conferencing will improve sales and open up new doors of opportunities as getting into face to face interactions with customers happens quickly as there is no traveling involved.

Arranging online production promotions, demonstrations and presentations through Webinars and holding webcast for large audience and bring awareness in people increases sales dramatically.
Customers of today look for products which are extremely extraordinary in quality and demand demo of the products. Having sufficient demo products and services is a difficult situation for business organizations. A telephonic conversion may not reach to the standards of satisfaction of the customer who would like to visualise and have an interactive conversation regarding the products. By the use of Video conferencing software sales executives can present products with good presentations and regular interactions increases intimacy and friendship which strengthens faith, sales happens only on trust than with salesmanship.

Trust of the organization is built with how well the after sales customer service is dealt with. In a spread out world like today, old strategies do not work as the population was comparatively low with minimum technology based products. In a highly populated world of today with cities spread out unimaginably and diversified technical developments it is quite impractical to reach each customer when many of the problems can be solved on line through video conversations.

The above are just few instances where sales can make use of online conferencing tools like Video conferencing software to make sales easy, work at desk, cutting down traveling and saving time and money for the organization in turn improving productivity.
The author Shelly desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leader in Video Conferencing software and an eminent Telepresence provider in India.

Which Video Conferencing System To Buy?

Online conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing are fast marching towards mass acceptance of many business organizations as it is easy to connect and converse to any geographical location. Business organizations which have branches spread across the globe.If you are planning to implement on line conferencing in your enterprise, it is essential to list out the needs and check out with various conferencing systems which would best meet your requirement with budget.

Here are some points to consider before buying:

1. Number of locations to connect: If the head office has only one static location to connect then a connection which is fixed to connect the branch office will do. If the head office has branch offices spread out across far of locations then a system which supports adding of licenses should be chosen. Depending upon the frequency of meetings the head office would like to connect with the number of branch offices for a particular meeting. Near by branch offices can be pooled to a common place comfortable to reduce the number of licences.

2. Browser based system: In the beginning conferencing systems were hardware based and we also have software based video conferencing systems. Depending on the hardware and software you already have keeping in mind the compatibility in mind, you can make a choice which system will be feasible within budget.

3. Firewall: Many offices have firewalls to protect from hackers, which is a major problem. The firewalls restricts some important sites from opening denies permission from users. You need to check if the system you are going to opt for can deal with the firewalls problem.

4. Number of videos required: If the number of locations attached to the head office is more, you should look for a system which supports more number of videos, without disturbing the clarity. Some software support up to 16 displays at the same time. Going for a demo of the product before buying and check for the possibility of number of locations with give a clear idea.

5. Software based Video Conferencing: Software based video conferencing is flexible in giving the users a chance to select PTZ cameras or web cameras, Microphones, choosing the speakers depending upon the room size and the number of attendees in the conference. It also has in build Multiparty conference unit which is scalable to thousands of locations and removes the need of buying additional hardware. Little information of hardware based and software based Video conferencing will also be helpful in deciding the system for the organization.

6. Features you need - Do you want to use the poll option in Video conferencing to get immediate response for a suggestion? Sharing documents, recording the meeting. There are immense options available in Video conferencing software which one can buy, the options should reach the requirements of the business. If there are too many features but lacks the feature required for your business, you will land up unsatisfied with the system chosen. It is essential to list out all the features which are desired to meet the requirements for your business and match it with the available features before making a decision.

Above all Video conferencing is an amazingly promising tool which supports cutting down travel expenses and makes meetings possible being at the comfort of the office desk or at home.
The author Shelly Desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate solutions a prominent provider of Desktop Video Conferencing, also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.