Thursday, 1 August 2013

Which Video Conferencing System To Buy?

Online conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing are fast marching towards mass acceptance of many business organizations as it is easy to connect and converse to any geographical location. Business organizations which have branches spread across the globe.If you are planning to implement on line conferencing in your enterprise, it is essential to list out the needs and check out with various conferencing systems which would best meet your requirement with budget.

Here are some points to consider before buying:

1. Number of locations to connect: If the head office has only one static location to connect then a connection which is fixed to connect the branch office will do. If the head office has branch offices spread out across far of locations then a system which supports adding of licenses should be chosen. Depending upon the frequency of meetings the head office would like to connect with the number of branch offices for a particular meeting. Near by branch offices can be pooled to a common place comfortable to reduce the number of licences.

2. Browser based system: In the beginning conferencing systems were hardware based and we also have software based video conferencing systems. Depending on the hardware and software you already have keeping in mind the compatibility in mind, you can make a choice which system will be feasible within budget.

3. Firewall: Many offices have firewalls to protect from hackers, which is a major problem. The firewalls restricts some important sites from opening denies permission from users. You need to check if the system you are going to opt for can deal with the firewalls problem.

4. Number of videos required: If the number of locations attached to the head office is more, you should look for a system which supports more number of videos, without disturbing the clarity. Some software support up to 16 displays at the same time. Going for a demo of the product before buying and check for the possibility of number of locations with give a clear idea.

5. Software based Video Conferencing: Software based video conferencing is flexible in giving the users a chance to select PTZ cameras or web cameras, Microphones, choosing the speakers depending upon the room size and the number of attendees in the conference. It also has in build Multiparty conference unit which is scalable to thousands of locations and removes the need of buying additional hardware. Little information of hardware based and software based Video conferencing will also be helpful in deciding the system for the organization.

6. Features you need - Do you want to use the poll option in Video conferencing to get immediate response for a suggestion? Sharing documents, recording the meeting. There are immense options available in Video conferencing software which one can buy, the options should reach the requirements of the business. If there are too many features but lacks the feature required for your business, you will land up unsatisfied with the system chosen. It is essential to list out all the features which are desired to meet the requirements for your business and match it with the available features before making a decision.

Above all Video conferencing is an amazingly promising tool which supports cutting down travel expenses and makes meetings possible being at the comfort of the office desk or at home.
The author Shelly Desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate solutions a prominent provider of Desktop Video Conferencing, also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.

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