Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Using Video Conferencing During Disasters

Disaster is a calamity which is sudden, brings huge damage, loss, destruction and devastation to life and property. Any occurrence which causes mass destruction, huge loss of properties , loss of human life, calamities of ecological destruction, health problems which is on a large scale and requires help from outside with immediate action is defined as disaster by WHO.

Immeasurable damage is caused by disaster which in unanticipated and unexpected, depending on the geographical location loss of life and property varies which impacts day to day life causing severe pandemoneum in socio-economic, political and cultural activities. Interactions with the outside world seeking help and reaching to more and more organizations which quickly respond is the only remedy to look for, to resolve the situation. On line connectivity through video conferencing will be of great help provided proper measures are taken to restore locations of conferencing to withstand disasters inorder to provide connectivity to the outside world. 

Disaster effected areas are deprived of normal needs and regular processes like food, shelter and health. Electricity, communication systems are totally effected creating uncertainity and chaos. Connectivity to the the outside world through sofisticated means line video conferencing is most required as any disaster is a situation which is unpredicatable, give no time to understand, happens at a rapid speen, unfamiliarity of the situation creating disorganized functings of services, uncertanity, demanding ungency of health services fear of threat of more and more loss of life.

Following methods can be followed using Video conferencing to instruct people in the disaster struck areas:

Severe destruction is caused during earthquakes and people get buried live. Quick help is required for the people struck in the debris, machines to remove the destructed building has to be moved. Setting up video conferencing in earthquake areas is possible as the technology connects from any where and any device like laptop or a mobile. It gives clear idea of the situation and passes information of what are the requirements and what kind of help is required at a particular place. 


Using Video conferenicng one can send alerts before the cyclone.
Health remedies and advices from Doctors will save many lives. But required number of doctors or health assistants cannot be provided at a stretch. The Doctor being at his place can instruct the people at multiple locations in the same time. He can give the necessary precautions to be taken to avoid diseases predicted during cyclones.

During Floods: 

Using Video conferencing for interacting with people and giving instructions to volunteers in case of unpredicted problems plays a crucial role in improving the conditions quickly. Video conferencing facility helps volunteers to interact with eminent doctors to get information regarding instructions about drinking water, food, medical remedies and precauations of susceptable diseases in flood areas. 

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