Thursday, 25 July 2013

Video Conferencing Marching Towards Mass Acceptance

On line Conferencing has become a trend, as most of the companies small and medium prefer to own video conferencing technology. Though many still think it as fancy, organizations using web conferencing feel it as a better way for getting things done with clients, employees and distant branches. Most importantly cuts down travel expenses.

We can see some factors that make companies look at video conferencing as an eminent office tool and make the technology surge.

1. Bandwidth speed - Radical increase in bandwidth speed and falling prices of internet access are very effective in increasing the number of users of internet. Reduced prices favor business organizations to be connected with a broadband rather than a dial-up connections.

2. Web Cameras 

Web cameras are more powerful can capture good images which solve the problem of blurred images during conferencing. Along with high speed connections clear images enhance conferencing quality online, which is most expected in conferences involved in presentations of numbers and pictures.

3. Rising transport prices 

Rising prices of oil and energy increases the prices of traveling which impacts the travel expenses on the organizations, making businesses think of an alternative to avoid traveling, online conferencing is the answer which enables conferencing and meeting people at distant places across the globe almost avoiding most of the traveling, saving time, money and energy.

4. Improved Productivity - 

Business organizations save money by cutting down travel expenses spent on petroleum for traveling by car or fares for train or air flight charges, which are spent for other development programs, time spared is now used for meeting more clients and trainings for staff, upgrading them for better product awareness and communication skills leading to more exotic results in sales resulting in improved productivity.
5. Present generation more on web - 

 Schools and Universities more focused on web forecasting, webinars and web conferencing. Children and youth are more aware of the latest developments and usage of technology. Future generation almost very comfortable with conferences and find it easier to attend conferences across the globe online. The online classes are recorded and are used for reference which is not possible in a real time classes, as many disturbances hinder the recording of video.

6. Software based Video conferencing - 

 In the beginning when the technology of video conferencing was introduced it was hardware based and the organizations were supposed to buy expensive hardware and were not compatible with other accessories. As the entry of video conferencing software which is software based, and the number of locations can be increased by adding licences, the software used is compatible with the accessories of cameras, speakers and laptops or desktops already in use, making adaptability to the technology easy, which also encourages new business to use at their offices.

Many changes which provoke business organizations to think video conferencing as a best choice for cutting down travel expenses, save time and money. We see mass acceptance of online conferencing as a required tool at all the offices.

The author Shelly Desuza is working with Peoplelink Corporate solutions which provides  Desktop Video Conferencing, also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.

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