Thursday, 25 July 2013

Absolute Remedy For Cutting Down Travel Expenses - Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has crossed the limits of expensive equipment and software and has become trendy at offices for holding meetings. It has become more a requirement, as its capability to connect to anywhere in the world making meeting people easy from the office desk. More and more business organizations opt for online conferencing acquaintance with the following terms will be of advantage to a right decision of a good online conferencing provider.
Arranging a seminar for conducting workshops, seminars or lectures to a large group is a regular process, which is requires involvement of many of the employees, A 'Webinar' is a web based seminar which is used to hold seminars, workshops and lectures online. Webinars are very useful for conducting trainings, workshops, discussions in sales and marketing. It is used when the information is to be passed to a limited number of audience and the session is interactive inviting the audience to participate in polling.

A 'Webcast' is also used for educational, sales and marketing purposes but it is aimed to wards large audience. Used mainly for broadcasting live events, much useful in reaching large number of audience and it is less interactive than a Webinar.

Unlike a Webinar or a Webcast, Web Conference is a typical meeting online. It has unique capabilities for presentations, sharing of documents of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It is exclusively meant for holding a highly interactive programs where attendees actively interact with each other, participate in discussions, debates training sessions and every member is important so it is reserved extremely for a small set of members where each one is focussed more.
The following are the features of the 'Web Conference' which make conferences possible online connecting people across the world cutting down travel expenses of an organization drastically.

1. Sharing applications, presentations and documents is easy - Sharing of applications and presentations is required in a conference to get quickly updated.

2. Remote computer control - One can control all the computers being at one place, to pan, zoom or tilt the cameras and can focus on a particular person while speaking.

3. Sharing of files to the members is easy - There is large data available after the meeting which every member should maintain after the meeting, sending individuals is difficult, here sharing documents is easier removing unnecessary delay.

4. One can ask for the acceptance of the members through polling - Many times we have differing opinions for a particular issue, taking the majority of acceptance for a particular suggestion is important before taking a decision. By online polling option one can get the supporting or denying members count immediately which makes clear decision making easy.

5. Recording the conference and using it for later reference is very useful- Remembering the whole lot of conference after the meeting is not possible. Many points are missed and some times important points are not recollected to pen it down after the meeting. Recording the meeting for later documentation helps in keeping the information safe for later use.

Interacting to another person through a video gives a feel of face-to-face meeting. Video conference can be defined as a online meeting using a video.
It is of the following types:

Browser-based Video conference
Desktop Video Conferencing
Multipoint Video Conferencing
Point to Point
Point to Multi Point

Because of its amazing features of making cumbersome tasks viable online with a dramatic reduction of travel expenses, Online conferencing using video conferencing software has become a required tool at all business organization.

The author Shelly Desuza works for Peoplelink Corporate Solutions which is a leading provider of large scale Video conferencing products, also sells audio conferencing and multimemdia products.

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