Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Various Types Of Cameras For High-End Qualitative Video Conferencing

In the current technological world, the traditional business conferences, had renovated towards virtual conferences with the aid of the video conferencing technology. Video conferencing technology is also getting advanced in the recent years, initially the conference destinations were confined for the boardroom. But now-a-days, people are participating in the conferences by being anywhere across the world, without looking for a boardroom. This type of video conferencing renovation has happened with the advent of the video conferencing software. Effective audio and video quality is a mandatory asset for executing a perfect video conference without any obstacles or lags in the conference. The current context is aimed at exemplifying the various kinds of cameras that are available in the market for executing effective video conferencing.
The current context is aimed at exemplifying the various kinds of cameras that are available in the market for executing effective video conferencing.

Cameras play a vital role in providing a high end video conferencing experience. In order to provide live communication experience for the conference members, the video quality must be better. A Full HD (High Definition) camera, delivers very high picture quality for the end users. There are various camera solutions available in the market that enables the desktop video conference in high edge picture quality. The cameras we use reflect the real time experience of the video conferencing. Normally in the online meetings, the cameras that are being used are the webcams, PC and laptops inbuilt cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras and HD cameras. There are wide ranges of cameras available in varying resolutions and additional features. The following context depicts out the various types of cameras available in the market for desktop video conferencing and its features.

A. HD LifeCam Cinema HD 720P


  • 720p HD video chat
  • Auto Focus
  • High-precision glass element lens
  • TrueColor Technology with face tracking feature enabled 360-degree rotation
  • In built Wideband microphone, used for premium sound recording

B. LifeCam 3000 HD 720P


  • Enables 720p HD video chat
  • Widescreen
  • TrueColor Technology

C. HD Pro C920 (USB 3 Ready) HD 1080p


  • H.264 compression for faster video streaming and uploads
  • Enables widescreen video calls in Full HD 1080p
  • Video uploads on social networking site in Fast Full 1080p HD.

D. HD Pro C910 HD 720P


  • With Fluid CrystalTM Technology, Full HD 1080p video recording and smooth HD 720p video calling is enabled and these videos can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.
  • For crystal clear video, 5 MP HD sensors are enabled including Carl Zeiss lens, automatic focus and clever automatic correction of light. These inbuilt features will enable the users to have clearer video with 10MP photos.
  • Enables rich audio quality through dual noise cancelling mics feature.
  • Stereo noise in clear HD

E. TouchCam N1


  • Touch Cam is embedded with H.264 encoder chip
  • Supports beam forming technology through dual microphones.
  • Superior audio quality, and offers crystal clear synchronized HD video with 720p, 3 X DVD resolutions

F. QuickCam Pro 9000


  • Integrated with Vid video calling software. Vid can be downloaded free from online
  • AutoFocus with Carl Zeiss lens system to enable sharper, fluid video
  • 2-megapixel sensor capture 16 x 9 widescreen video recording. Captures up to 8-megapixel photos
  • Adjustment of brightness for perfect images, through RightLight2 Technology. This feature adjusts the brightness even in the dim light.

G. Quickcam Orbit AF


  • This camera is embedded with Vid software abridge video calling
  • Ultimate video-calling freedom, through motorized tracking which tracks every move.
  • Enabled with High-precision AutoFocus including with the Carl Zeiss optics for smoother and sharper video.
  • True 2-megapixel sensor with RightLight2 Technology for vivid video and up to 8-megapixel photos can be taken although in dim light
  • In-built premium microphone including RightSound Technology for ultra-clear chat

H. Webcam C905


  • In-built Microphone
  • Auto-focus
  • Snapshot button
  • Auto correction
  • Face detection

From the above descriptions, it is found that there are various types of cameras available in the market for conducting effective video conferencing. Based on the requirement of the video conferencing vendors, depending on the required resolutions and features, the video conferencing vendors have to choose the camera.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

How Video Conferencing Technology Helps In Modern Classrooms

In the modern education system, e-learning is the most optimized solution for the students and the tutors to conduct classroom training virtually. In order to do this a perfect video conferencing solution is necessary. The video conferencing solution enables the students and the tutor to have live communication between them. Perfect audio and video equipment embedded with the VC solution, will deliver a high quality audio and video communication between the tutor and the students without any disturbances.

At present, most of the educationists find, VC as an interactive medium for conducting classroom training for an ample number of students who are located at variant geographies. Initially most of the students and parents have a pessimistic view on e-learning, that it wasn't an interactive session. But with the renovation in the VC technologies, the e-learning sessions have turned to more interactive.

Video conferencing is a perfect solution for conducting the virtual classroom training. VC enhances the quality of virtual lessons and it is a more flexible solution for the students and the tutor. Initially the videoconferencing used for e-learning was a hardware based, where the tutor and the students are restricted to the boardroom, where all the hardware equipment is installed. But now, the videoconferencing solution has become more mobile, through the invention of video conferencing software.

The video conferencing software enables the user to connect to the classroom by being anywhere across the globe. Through this solution, the users do not have a need to book the boardroom for attending the training sessions. The video conferencing software can be installed on a desktop, laptop, I pad and Android based mobile phones, this type of video conference is often referred as Desktop video conferencing. Through this the students can login to the session during the time of traveling also.

The major aspects that are most widely considered in the virtual classroom is, interactive sessions. In order to make the session more interactive, it is important that the VC solution must offer the live data sharing option. The video conferencing software solution, offers all the features that are required for conducting the virtual classroom more effectively.

VC software is integrated with a digital white board, which serves as a white board in the physical classroom. Whatever the tutor scribbles or writes on the digital white board will be seen by all the students who are attending the virtual classroom session. Upon the release of control by the tutor, the students will also get an opportunity to write on the white board. The audio and video communication between the tutor and the students will be livelier; the students can pose doubts or questions during the session, as in the traditional classroom.

Apart from the white board, the VC software is composed of file sharing options, where any kind of files such as ppt, excel sheets, Pdf, word documents and multimedia files. The tutor can send any kind of study material to all the students, without separately sending it through the mails. Being at the conference, the tutor can send reference materials.

The topmost benefits of videoconferencing software for modern classroom trainings are as follows:

·Highly helpful for the students who are very far located from the tutors place.
·Operational cost is very low when compared to a physical classroom.
·The tutor and the students can share the materials immediately
·Flexibility and mobility are the added features in video conferencing software
·The tutors and the students can share the digital whiteboard; students can raise doubts at any time during the VC session.
·Through the various layouts in the VC software solution, the tutor screen can be shown in a Maximized screen and the various students in the VC will be shown in the floating screens.

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