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Video Conferencing Myths


Video Conferencing Myths

Talking to moving pictures was once upon a time a dream, a recorded video from far of branches could to some extent give the essence of the thoughts of the employees, a telephonic conversation can answer the queries but not the same as a face to face meeting as it is highly interactive conversation along with expressions of the delegates which gives clarity of thoughts and an impromptu decision can be made on any issues. It had its own constrains as one need to travel and make arrangements of a common meeting point, involving lot of preparation and incurring expenditure on the organization.

Talking online with an interactive video is like a boon, as there is no more pains taken for the arrangements of a meeting, spend on the expenses of the meeting. On-line Conferencing is a cutting edge technology which facilitates attending meeting any where around the world with a feel of face to face conversation using internet. All the business organizations which are looking to expand world wide cannot keep away from video conferencing as it is an eminent tool which makes all their business discussions easily possible across the globe.

Technically though video conferencing is considered as a trend to follow for all business organizations, many myths keep most organizations away from implementing it in their organizations. It is time to know the facts, clear doubts about conferencing on-line and embrace video conferencing as a required tool for business.

The following are the myths which probably are stopping organizations from using on-line conferencing:

Myth 1. Video conferencing is expensive:

When video conferencing first entered the arena of on-line conferencing, the requirement for implementations were very expensive, huge and hardware based. As the technology has surged with leaps and bounds there is a drastic improvement in the accessories used. Costing less and now one can also implement software based Video conferencing which is affordable and can connect from desktop, laptop or a mobile making connectivity possible from the office cabin or from home.

Myth 2. Video Conferencing requires lot of Download: 

Many of the organizations keep away from on-line conferencing as it may need download of software and different kind of settings which may alter their work flow. They also fear of some thing going wrong terribly. They should understand that it is free from errors and doesn't alter their system in any way.

Myth 3. Setting up a Boardroom exclusive for Video Conferencing is difficult

The main feature of Video conferencing software is that one can connect form any where in the world at anytime. As the employees can get connected to a conference at their own comfort it is not required for pooling of members into a meeting hall as in a regular meeting.

Myth 4. It is not the same as face-to-face meetings:

By connecting through Video conferencing software one can see the members face to face on their screens, all the preliminary meeting and discussions can be done online and a final meeting can be a real face to face meeting. In this way much of traveling is reduced saving time and money.

The author Shelly Desuza is working at Peoplelink Corporate Solutions which is one of the leading telepresence provider in India and also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.

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