Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fears Of Using Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is much talked about for all its benefits of cutting down travel expenses, ability to connect anywhere across the globe, gives a feel of face to face interaction and helps decision making faster. It has been counted as an exceptional business tool, which brings about significant change in client interactions. As it can be far-reachable to remote places by the usage of Video Conferencing, it has been recognized as a most required tool for business organizations which are stretched across the globe. But many fears prevail, regarding usage of Video Conferencing which hinders employees from the usage of the eminent tool in turn making the best technology equipment go unused.
Here are some thoughts which stop employees from the usage of Video Conferencing at business organization and at home:

Requires same attention as face to face meeting: 

 Video conferencing gives a feel of face to face meeting from the office cabin or from home, but requires the same attention as face to face meetings. Employees tend to think of reading mails, responding on chat and picking up telephonic in their cabin during the conferencing. But as in a face to face meetings the members are desired to give full attention to the meeting and should avoid any type of interaction other than the meeting.

Privacy being a great concern -

There have been many technological advancements for the present generation to make life easy and comfortable, which also balances work and personal life. Collaborating online with a conferencing tool like Video conferencing allows business organizations to facilitate employees to work from home at their comfort enhancing employer, employee relationship. The same expected form the employees, but the employees are much concerned about privacy, as they get worried about messed up work areas at office and home been visible. They also worried about some confidential things been lying around will be visible. It is required to test out the focus of the camera and remove all the things which are not required from visibility to bring confidence to the employee that unwanted things are not focused, should test the view whether the visibility of the focused area is comfortable.

Fear of being seen on camera -

Many employees don't like the idea of being seen on the camera. Educating them, that sitting across the desk for a face to face meeting is the same as participating in a meeting in the board room. It is required to make the employees agree with the fact that it is fashionable to conference using trendy technology tools like Video conferencing.

As all companies look at cutting down travel expenses, drastic reduction of prices of video conferencing makes it a most required tool at all offices, upon all video conferencing software being software based can be connected to the desktop,laptop or a mobile without much investment for specialized equipment makes it easy to connect from any where. Employees should be educated in this prospective that easy to connect enables easy conferencing in turn increases comfort at work creating healthy work/life balance.

The author Shelly Desuza is working at Peoplelink Corporate Solutions, provides eminent multipoint Video Conferencing, also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.   

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