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Making Employee Training Simple Using Video Conferenicng

Making Employee Training Simple Using Video Conferencing

Motivating and training the employees to keep them updated in a regular basis is a challenge for any business organization as it involves generating new strategies all the time. To make business profitable equipping the employees with latest skills and information plays a significant role as it provides an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

If the training is at an international level the trainer of the employees need to travel to a convenient location which involves travel expenses and time taking for both employees and the organization.

Transforming the strategies of trainings will be a note worthy decision of business organizations. Implementation of on line trainings using Video Conferencing software facilitates both the employee and the trainer as neither of them need to travel any more, they can be connected being at their home or office comfort and continue with the training sessions, which increases the productivity and job satisfaction.

Reasons for Implementing training through Video Conferencing: 

1.Entering into a new job is stressful for a few weeks, in order to create comfort to the employee the organization need to provide training which may involve traveling. If Video conferencing is implemented the employee can be comfortable to attend from home or office.

2. Training is not only required for a new employee, but it is a continuous process for any employee for refreshment of knowledge and getting updated with competitor strategies. It also enhances employee personal development which is an assert to the organization.

3. Creative effective work environment is possible by keeping employees trained periodically with workplace compliance laws. On line training would be a better choice as it does not disturb the daily routine work and the employee can choose his own time slot depending on his own suitable timings.

4. Low morale and unenthusiastic staff create dull and lethargic work environment and in turn reduces productive work. Creating enthusiasm and keeping employees motivated should be given top priority to ensure successful business. Multipoint video conferencing call connects multiple locations just by a click. It increases flexibility of timings improving motivation in employees of all the locations at the same time.

5. The training sessions which are arranged to the employees are expensive and difficult to arrange repeatedly. Using video conferencing the sessions can be recorded and used to go through again and again when ever required.

On line training using Video conferencing software which can be implemented on desktop, laptop or a mobile is the best idea for any business organization for training new employees and keeping the current employees updated.
The author Shelly Desuza works at Peoplelink Corporate Solutions which is a leader in Video Conferencing software products and also sells audio conferencing products.

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