Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Video Conferencing For Students At School

School, a wonderful place, the place where we learn to make friends, to interact, to give a try of every thing, the place where we identify our skills, identify our natural strengths, the place where we learn to be dedicated and achieve our goals. But we see that thousands of children drop out of schools every day and are deprived of this joy of being at a powerful place where the future generation is tuned and nourished, making a bad impact on the nation's prosperity. The resources of any country go waste when children don't get enrolled for education. Motivating the people to make good use of the resources for educating their children for making better livelihood and brighter future is essential.

Many factors can be held responsible which keep children away from school and graduation. Implementation of Video conferencing technology into school curriculum will be more helpful in extending the schools to more remote places so that children may have schooling at a accessible distance.

The following reasons can be handled using video conferencing which can bring about prominent change in reducing the drop-outs from school:

1. Non enthusiastic classes 

A regular method of teaching in the class with not so efficient teachers creates disinterest in the students which may make them leave the school. Connecting classrooms through video conferencing helps the teachers to take them on virtual tours and field trips, getting into contact with different students from various locations, present their skill to international experts. Interaction with different people creates new ideas in the students and get motivated to continue schooling.

2. Job responsibility:

Students stop going for higher eduction as they have to work for their families livelihood and cannot attend regular classes. Online classes through Video conferencing to greater extent can assist students pursue higher education along with their job.

3. Required attention at home due to health issues of family members.

If any family member is ill and need care student tend to stay at home to take care of them and any kind of motivation to attend school will not work. Enthusiastic children get deprived of schooling. If online classes are provided to the student at the comfort of their home, they can be connected and still interact with their class mates sitting at home.

4. Lack of parental encouragement

Parental support, encouragement and assistance is a major factor which helps children to go further in education. In order to succeed, poor performance in students should be dealt with the parents for a proper solution for which a regular parent-teacher interaction is necessary. There should not be any reasons to stop interaction with the teacher. Connecting through video conferencing can help the parents to get into face to face contact with the teachers when ever they are free.

5. Unexpressed reasons of Students:

A class room is a mixture of different minds of children, no two children behave similar. In spite of specialized care taken by the teacher, some children remain unidentified, the reasons unknown for their low performance and non participation in curricular activities and discomfort in activities. Children who cannot continue in a school environment can connect through video conferencing and continue academic studies and then enter regular school when they really feel comfortable and understand the importance of interacting with people.

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