Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why Should You Use Video Conferencing?

Why Should You Use Video Conferencing?

Connecting two or more locations at the same time through a video is the main idea of Video Conferencing, which has made many advancements since its inception into the business world. It was no doubt expensive and highly technically based hardware system which could transmit an image for every two seconds, now we see conferencing system which are web base simple software solutions which enables any one to operate. We also can see the software Video conferencing solutions have become less expensive and affordable for many business organizations.

The following reasons also make business organizations consider online conferencing as a notable eminent tool for their businesses:

1. Visibility at multiple locations: Face to face meeting cannot be totally avoided by the use of any type of technology which is the sam with web base conferencing, but it is a fact that connecting through broadband internet connection enables to use all the features of video conferencing, no matter where you are located, still be visible to all the required locations of all the members of the conference scattered around the world, which helps out many preliminary discussions to be done with out the difficulty of traveling all round the branches of the company. Video conferencing ends the struggle of using public conference halls and hotels creating hindrances by not allowing installations.

2. compatibility with the existing accessories: Today we see that many business organization have started using hardware based video conferencing, the upcoming software based solution is more easy to connect from any where in the world with minimum accessories like microphone and speakers. If the members of the company need to be connected we see that the software video conferencing compatibility helps a lot.

3. Technically simple: New innovations daily, expecting more and more people to use technology, complexity to learn keeps the people away. It is not the high-end technology which can reach the people, but the technology which is easy to learn and handle on their own makes them own it. We see that there were days when it required highly technical people to connect and hold the meeting using video conferencing boardrooms, but now one can connect to a conference just by clicking a link and thanks to the networking we have, the link can be sent to the members through chat, Facebook, twitter and so on. It is not needed to be a tech savvy to get into the conference.

4. No Complicated Requirements: The software video conferencing solutions of today are much compatible to the existing accessories so it is easy to connect. It allows to use less complicated machines to get connected to a conference and connecting with desktop, laptop or a mobile from the office, home or a hotel room. accessibility from anywhere makes the technology more flexible and an eminent business tool.

5.Product Presentation through Web: Presenting the products live using corporate video conferencing is more easier to get into contact of customers and making the products reach them. The customers feel more comfortable as they need not commit any thing and get a detailed presentation of the product they are going to buy.

The author Shelly Desuza is working with Peoplelink Corporate Solutions which is a leader in Video conferencing software solutions, which also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.

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