Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Top Benefits of Video Conferening for Business

Cutting down travel expenses

In the globalized economy of today in order to accomplish new market opportunities traveling often is unavoidable. Live interactions have a immediate impact though journeying to distant places is time consuming but imortant to have face to face interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. But frequent and simple interactions can be done online which reduces traveling and expenses incurred in the business. There is a drastic improvements in quality, availability and usage of high definition video conferencing software which is close to face to face interactions. Travel reduction is the expense reduction when calcultion the ROI of video conferencing investment.

Increasing Productivity by improving connectivity between the teams

Scattered work forces and team members face lot many challenges, more due to lack of proper communication between the members located in different locations. They communicate with each other using phone, texting messages, emails and instant messaging techniques. Most techniques used are nonverbal which do not give a clear idea of what the other person wants to express. Conversing with live video images will surely enhance the clarity of thought among the team. Facial expressions of satisfaction, confusion, concern and understanding can immediatly be attended through Video conversation.

Improved Hiring and Retention of Top Talent

Locating talented candidates and conducting interviews is a lenghty process if the candidates reside in different cities. Interviews can be conducted over video conferencing both in person and over voice by bringing the candidates to the nearest location of video conferencing facility. These interviews can be recorded which helps in the evalution of efficient candidates. Retention of eminent and trained employees important, video conversations helps a lot in improving communiction between the employees and management and helps in employee retention.

Sustained Competitive Advantage

Knowing about the competetors aids in a clear competetor analysis. Using technology like video conferencing software audio, video and data collaboration is easy and a uptodate informtion can be shared among the team members and employees.

Go Green Support For Environment

Eliminating traveling surely reduces the usage of vehicles and in turn helps in preservation of environment so we can say that usage of Desktop Videoconferencing software is a “green” technology,

The author Shelly Desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd, which is leader in Video conferencing software and also sells audio conferencing and multimedia products.   

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