Friday, 2 August 2013

Video Conferencing For Group Meetings

Careful coordination is required while conducting large group meetings. Every location should be monitored such that the location is accessible, spacious to accommodate the estimated members, layout of arrangements of the meeting and check of availability,working condition of technology, if not the required arrangements to be made for a successful meetings.  If the locations are far scattered it becomes  difficult to physically reach to each location and get a clear idea of the arrangement, online conferencing tools aid in the process of giving clear picture of level of arrangements, which also gives a chance for suggestions for more amendments.   

Categorizing the meeting locations:

Meeting locations can be categorized into two:
Presenting locations
Attending locations
The centre or the head office acts as one of the presenting centers.  Host site is the location where the meeting originates from where the video and audio are transmitted to all other locations.  Many more presenting locations can be presenting locations, but the the location at the head office moderates the transmission of audio and video to the centers.  All the centers connected with video conferencing software makes monitoring the locations become easy.  

Attending locations: Most of the meeting locations are connected for people to get pooled up at a location for viewing and listening to the meeting or participating with a limited talk.  Attending locations are primarily for people to watch like the viewers of a television program.  The main motto being to target the message to mass audience.  Each location should be interacted and interlinked with the head office regardless of whether it is presenting location or attending location.  If too many locations are added to the meeting the host site acts as the moderator managing the agenda and the addressing to one location to another is done.  

Advantages of using Video Conferencing software technology in group meetings:
Implementation of Video Conferencing with multiple locations involved enables ample interaction between the locations.  A multipoint system is required to distribute signal from the host to the attending locations.  

The author Shelly Desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate solutions Pvt Ltd, provider of Desktop Video conferencing and Multipoint Video conferencing solutions, also sells multimedia products.  

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