Monday, 5 August 2013

Revolutionizing Education Using Video Conferencing

Today's surging technology, Video Conferencing leaves no stone unturned, making amazing impact on Education. Its enormous benefits which every educational institution prefers to implement. On line education is picking momentum as many teachers prefer teaching using Video conferencing at the comfort of their home reaching remote class rooms. It is innovative where K-12 students at remote villages get a chance to connect to professional educators. Educators are happy teaching on line as they get notices by eminent technologist, educators and get to provide services to versatile students across the world. Usage of web conferencing tools to teach on line, aids as a fantastic tool for freelance educators earning a status world wide as celebrity. 
Learning on line which makes the difference:
Being freelance educators feel recording their on line classes benefits them as every class is dwelt a new idea, recording the classes while in a video conferencing helps them use it for reference and also can be made available through You Tube channels which is a chance to be noted to students at far of places.

Igniting a passion: Working individually ignites new thoughts and creates new ideas. Working with passion is the essence of freelance educators. Working with versatile students world wide is an opportunity to understand different pupils with various backgrounds, analyzing their approach to the subject, generates creeping in thoughts for creating innovative presentations which has versatility merged with remarkable enthusiasm. 

Motivation and inspiration: Teaching through Video conferencing has a unique perspective other than the regular classroom lecture. Teaching on line focuses more on motivating and inspiring the student rather than teaching the content, which can be fulfilled in a regular classroom through their teachers at schools. Motivation and inspiration are the two things which ignites the students thought process creates 'should do it' approach, after which they themselves find the details and interestingly, try to reach the information using various media, teacher, books, information centers as the kids directly connect to every incident that happens and observer in day to day life.

Hands on lab: Enjoyable teaching is inevitable with hands on lab. Presenting more of do and learn kind of teaching methods in on line teaching and helping students to get it done through Video conferencing software interactions changes the way to learn and sets new trends in teaching apart from a classroom teaching.

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