Thursday, 1 August 2013

Making Sales Easy By Using Video Conferencing

In the extremely advancing world of sales of current conditions, it is more expected that businesses get ready to more of uncertain market with denounce economic times. evaluating sales deployment and making innovative amendments in day to day strategies has become essential for all businesses and sales professionals in order to keep in pace with success.

Induction of new innovative tools and techniques to replace sales strategies in organizations plays a crucial role in boosting up sales professionals in facing emerging challenges in the competitive world. It helps sales professionals to be more determined and decisive at challenging situations which allows them to stand out boldly among the competitive world. Quick and timely decisions with clients and customers help in grabbing the opportunities being lost to the competitors. For which on line conferencing tool used of business meetings will be a best choice for sales as well to keep in touch with the customers. Video conferencing will be advantageous to sales as they face many professional challenges which are most commonly dealt with conversations and face to face interactions.

Generating new leads and conversion of a lead to a successful sales deal doesn't happen for one time conversation many times. It demands repeated follow up and careful persuasion of customers highlighting the product features along with high awareness of competitor product features. It becomes extremely influential using video conferencing software when the sales professionals respond quickly face to face, with comparison of features upgraded, available and uniqueness of the brand.
Using video conferencing will improve sales and open up new doors of opportunities as getting into face to face interactions with customers happens quickly as there is no traveling involved.

Arranging online production promotions, demonstrations and presentations through Webinars and holding webcast for large audience and bring awareness in people increases sales dramatically.
Customers of today look for products which are extremely extraordinary in quality and demand demo of the products. Having sufficient demo products and services is a difficult situation for business organizations. A telephonic conversion may not reach to the standards of satisfaction of the customer who would like to visualise and have an interactive conversation regarding the products. By the use of Video conferencing software sales executives can present products with good presentations and regular interactions increases intimacy and friendship which strengthens faith, sales happens only on trust than with salesmanship.

Trust of the organization is built with how well the after sales customer service is dealt with. In a spread out world like today, old strategies do not work as the population was comparatively low with minimum technology based products. In a highly populated world of today with cities spread out unimaginably and diversified technical developments it is quite impractical to reach each customer when many of the problems can be solved on line through video conversations.

The above are just few instances where sales can make use of online conferencing tools like Video conferencing software to make sales easy, work at desk, cutting down traveling and saving time and money for the organization in turn improving productivity.
The author Shelly desuza works with Peoplelink Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leader in Video Conferencing software and an eminent Telepresence provider in India.

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  1. Innovative ideas are always wanted at workplaces. When it is sales it is crucial as each client dealt with has a personal view on same product. Article is very useful in projecting new thoughts into sales.
    Thank you.