Monday, 3 October 2011

Video conferencing in Small Businesses

The world of Business is revolutionary with new inventions every day. Some revolutions have greater impact and are faster than others. In the Computing world Video conferencing has become a useful tool for all big and small businesses. While the communication was on the telephone line business deals were wage, adding a video and making a decision was little bit of advancement but Video Conferencing combines high definition video with full duplex audio which gives clarity to keeps both parties interactive and reaching a decision is faster. So it has become a business man’s tool as the added features have sharing documents and content and no delay in receiving the required documents.

Teleconferencing and the Business requirements:
Due to unavoidable travel expenses of attending a conferencing at a far end small businesses relay upon teleconferencing. Here all the discussions are done on conference calling and the real mood of the participants is not known and the final decision is delayed until the management reaches at a clear confirmation. It has become necessary for small businesses to upgrade their network to high definition to receive videos and listen to audio with full duplex. This totally solves the problems of teleconferencing.

Live meeting using Video Conferencing:
When a live meeting is arranged using Video Conferencing it is easy to meet individuals and organizations , demonstrate products, present information widely in secure online meetings. It is cost-effective where presenting to various organization located globally far away is possible. The productivity increases, decreases operational costs and generates sales opportunities. The meetings can be recorded. This will be like a boon for small businesses where they will be able to meet all their business requirements from the office table.

Innovative technology which brings about flood of customers:
Video Conferencing being a social media tool can be integrated to face book and twitter. It can be dedicated to customer-focused Web-conferencing product presentations where the customers can connect online and share business related ideas and content using video and audio.

Providing online training to customers and employees:
Training to the employees becomes a regular phenomenon as and when new technology props up. Without which the organization lags behind its competitors. Representing the employees to far of places for the training incurs large travel expenses which can be solved by using Video Conferencing as a tool for online training classes. When there is a up grading in the product or to educate the customers about the product Video conferencing is a very handy tool for small businesses where the employees are also very happy explaining the customers online with out traveling any where.

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