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Video Conferencing – 10 Ways Your Business Will Benefit

Video Conferencing

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to think fast and come up with a quick solution to a problem? Did you lose out on a potential business opportunity, due to the fact that you couldn’t get a team together quick enough to formulate a solution? In business, this happens quite often. The success of your business greatly depends on your decision making skills and the time it takes to execute your solutions. This is where web-based video conferencing comes into play. Having a form of business communication that will allow you to meet with your team at the drop Cheap Amoxil of a hat is well worth the investment, especially in today’s globalized economy.
If you or your business is thinking about implementing a more effective way of communication, but you are still unsure whether or not you should make the low initial investment, read on. Besides being extremely cost efficient and saving businesses of all sizes on travel related expenses, web-based video conferencing also offers the following benefits:
  1. Instant access to clients – Your company brand greatly relies on the quality of customer service provided to clients. Face-to-face conversations will personalize the experience your clients have with your business. For organizations with clients in remote locations, travel costs can be over-bearing and a telephone call doesn’t provide the same personal touch. Video conferencing allows your team members to instantly connect and communicate closely with clients around the world, while still maintaining the presence of face-to-face communication.
  2. A way to conduct efficient business – An efficient business is a successful business. By implementing a cost reducing and time saving technology such as video conferencing, your business will be able to achieve maximum productivity with a minimum amount of wasted effort or expense. This will not only give you, but your business as well, a reputation for being innovative and resourceful, which means a lot in the eyes of clients, employees, partners and shareholders.
  3. Less employee downtime – When employees are required to travel, your business is not only spending money on hotel, air fare and gas, but also losing money due to employee downtime. Downtime consists of the time employees take to drive to and from the airport, sitting in the airport lobby waiting to board, the time on the flight and the time spent commuting from the airport to the final endpoint. Video conferencing provides employers with the means to reduce downtime. Your employees can conduct meetings from their office and use the time that was spent commuting as time spent being productive.
  4. Accelerated decision making and reduced time to market – Businesses rely on a constant stream of communication; being able to instantly connect and collaborate in the workplace will give your organization a leg up on the competition. Video conferencing has been proven to accelerate company decision making as well as reduce a product’s time to market by allowing teams to instantly connect with each other.
  5. Greater industry impact and focusVideo conferencing provides your business with the tools needed to conduct meetings of high quality. With the ability to show PowerPoint presentations, survey and poll the audience and collaborate through a whiteboard or chat, your business meetings will have a much stronger impact on the attendees than a normal conference call.
  6. Competitive advantage – In today’s globalized economy, having a competitive advantage over others in your industry will set you apart. Video conferencing empowers your business by giving you the ability to maintain a global presence. It gives you a greater market reach and allows you to provide better support for remote employees, ultimately allowing you to recruit and retain top employees, which in turn allows you to better serve your client base and grow your business.
  7. Trusted brand image – When clients are able to put a face to a voice it gives them a sense of comfort in your business. The face-to-face interaction with video conferencing allows you to build that comfort level and build a trusted company brand. In general, people are more at ease when they are working with someone they know and more likely to become long term clients if they trust in your brand.
  8. Reduced employee stress and enhanced quality of life – Not only is business travel damaging on a checkbook, it also causes undo stress. Constant business travel affects the work/life balance of employees and takes a toll on their sleeping patterns. This stress will show up in their daily work habits. Video conferencing can reduce employee stress and enhance their quality of life, making them both happier and more productive. Your employees are the face of your company; keeping them happy will have a direct result on your bottom line.
  9. Easier management and access to globally scattered teams – If you run a business with multiple locations, either national or international, you may find it hard to manage your teams without physically being there. Video conferencing makes it easier to communicate and manage those teams. With the live video function, managers can connect with their teams across the world to coordinate projects and check in on work progress.
  10. More desirable response time to immediate communication needs – Probably the most important benefit you can receive from video conferencing is the ability to meet with and interact with employees, prospects or clients at a moments notice. Video conferencing tools will help your company respond quickly to customer demands, provide instant customer support and attack all critical business issues as they arise.
No matter what industry you are in, the success of your business relies deeply on your communication tools. If you have not done so already, the time to invest in a video conferencing and collaboration solution is now! Go GVO Live for the most cost effective web based video conferencing platform on the market place.

This Article is being published with permission from the author – Julian Snare.
Julian Snare is a Full Time Internet Marketing Coach and Online Communications Consultant. He specializes in Home Business and Work From Home Mentoring.
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