Monday, 23 July 2012

Advantages Of Conference Phones In Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is already gaining momentum in the present world of business. Conferencing using Video Conferencing is a modern technique where data collaboration is made easy.  If the branches are too many, few of the branch offices can be made connected to the conference through  conference phones to minimize the expenses of Video conference and yet enable the members  to be connected.  Few other advantages have
1.Unified communication

 Usage of conference phones in  Video Conferencing  facilities all types of communication via a wide range of integrated components. By the usage of unified communication one can send a message in one medium and receive it in another medium. Small, medium and large businesses are spreading around the world.  The usage of collaborative software has become a must for flexible daily operations of the office.  Meetings also follow the same stream of wide spread out members to participate.  Conferencing phones can help connect people.

2. Connecting to Rich-media systems
 It can be connected to Skype, WebEx and other audio Video conferencing applications. Conference phones can be integrated with any video conferencing systems or telepresence systems to function as microphones for audio pickup.
 3. Stereo Echo Cancellation with Full duplex
The HD video conferencing and  Telepresence is much preferred in the present day offices.  The conferences   connected   with conference phones   give an echo free sound which enhances the voice of the participants, cancels the sounds of fans and other disturbances creating a clear voice of the participants. When conversing on a telephone echo degrades the quality of sound. In a telephonic conference clarity in the hearing aids is desirable. Echo can cause confusion creating annoyance in the participants and unexpected interruption in important conferences. Voice discomfort upsets s and leads to misconception of the topic . The disturbed  participants in a meeting end up with a no result conference.   Full duplex enables participants to speak and listen at  the same time without cutting in and out.
 4. Productive Conferencing
Conferencing phones make conferences productive whether  it is product meetings, discussions about new projects, conducting investor-relations with remote offices or bridging in a co-worker on a mobile phone.  The user-friendly conferencing phone give professional quality audio and allows simultaneous conversation to flow without interruption.  As they have integrated professional quality installed audio expertise, they have emerged into affordable, attractive table top conferencing phones. If any of the branches are not equipped with video conferencing, they can be connected to conferencing using these conferencing phones which are only lack the video and prove to be superb in their audio quality. They are much comfortable for a conference room of 10 to 15 people and can catch and transmit the voice at 20ft.
5. Scalable and flexible to meet most conferencing needs
With the superior full-duplex sound , conference phones with wireless and wired connection  are most scalable and flexible solutions  when connected to video conferencing.  Meetings are more interactive as all the people in the conference can talk , debates are more dynamic leading to more productive  conversations.  Keeping  productivity in mind, almost  every business today uses voice conferencing .  Integrating a scalable solution that meets the demands of the business and can produce cost efficient results and can give a good return  on the investment is most awaited.

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