Monday, 23 September 2013

Video Conferencing For Online Shopping

A day's schedule includes few tasks which needs traveling making it difficult and time consuming as a result creating an exhaustive feeling ending up the day with an incomplete schedule. The charismatic way of doing things online has been the trend as it is easy, time and money saving. Online banking, online registrations,online booking airline tickets, railway tickets or bus tickets reduces most of the hassles of long queues and getting struck up in traffic. Online shopping is no exception as it has many advantages:

1.One can visit the site as many times as they want, see and compare the products.

2. Visit more number of sites in less time.

3. Prices are fixed, building trust and confidence of buying products worth money.

4. Online shopping sites give the option of cash on delivery option which add the customer to be on the safe side that they will be paying after they are satisfied with the product.

5. Many customers shift to online shopping avoiding long waiting, traffic hassles and most importantly saves time . No rushing for shopping in the evening or at the week ends.

Though online shopping reduces all the inconveniences it also washes away the facility of interacting, clearing doubts and products real dimensions. Online shopping sites try to project the picture of the products by picturing the products from all angles and using models. Most of the pictures do not give the right measurements of the products. Though the product picture have the measurements printed customers get confused with what the product really looks like. With option of cash on delivery, the customer always complain that it was not the product he could sense from the picture online so he wants to reject or exchage the product.

Women accessories like ear rings, bracelets, all ornaments, bags look different, in particular the size. The pictures of all the products are displayed in the same size irrespective of the proportion misleading the customer, finally getting confused.

With the Cash on delivery option, repetitive rejection or exchange of products becomes difficult. There is every possibility of damage caused to the products during transport. A clear idea of the products can be presented with online tools like Video conferencing which creates room for interaction with a sales person live. It has the advantage of

1. Visualizing the product live

2. Clear estimation of the size of the products.

3. Interacting with the sales man and clearing all the doubts they might have.

4. Using Video conferencing technology ensures that online shoppers have the same personalized attention and exposure as in real time shopping

Changing lifestyle, increased work pressure, increase in population may be few reasons for customers inability to spend more time for shopping . Video conferencing in online shopping revolutionizes the e-commerce sites as it would make the site more trustworthy, rising expectations of more lead conversions reduced number of rejections and exchanges on cash on delivery option. Increasing the number of people visiting the site, in turn increasing the traffic to the site and also improving the trust of the site.

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