Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why is Video Conferencing necessary in developing Countries ?

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Now when we talk about Video Conferencing the countries which can be benefited will be the developing nations around the world. We already are seeing the results of implementing Video Conferencing in media, politics and business firms in all the major urban areas making amazing results.
In the developing nations we see that the metro cities where the literacy rate is very high people get all the services they wanted easily. But in the rural areas it is not the same. As we can find handful of people who can educate them in any new technologies. Bringing about awareness in villages is important as their should be uniformity in development in all the fields in rural and urban areas.The advancement of the satellite Television has made revolutionary change in the people and proved that visualization has broader effect in bringing about awareness in people and educating them. By using Video conferencing as a tool drastic developmental change can be expected from rural areas.
Role of the Government - Video Conferencing is no more a product of luxury. Strong belief that development through implementation of Video Conferencing certain is required. If the Government with the idea of Video Conferencing can provide all the facilities of Hospitals, Educational institutions and Sophisticated training sessions available at Metro cities at the village level, why not ? When a village is connected with an expert team of people available from cities development at a drastic level can be expected. The Government’s role in providing required infrastructure ,motivating and compelling major organizations to connect with the villages is most expected and required.

Political leaders in direct interaction with Village people:
Soon after the elections there are many expectations of the people from the selected leaders. But how many requests do the leaders get ? Frequent interaction with the people is necessary to know what are the problems at hand and need solutions immediately. The leaders become busy with traveling and it is not a small job to identify the problems at the grass root level. Political leaders through Video Conferencing can connect to the villages in their constituencies, save time and solve the problems of the people. Through Video Conferencing monitoring the number of villages also becomes very easy as they need not literally spend time moving from one place to the other. It is being with the people with out being there.
Tie up of School Education with Rural Schools.
How is the idea that the village children get interaction with a well established school teachers at the metro cities or from other countries ? How is the idea that the teaching staff get the ideas of teaching, new methodologies and activity based learning from an international school ? We see now and then on net help a child donate a rupee, help a girl child. Instead of giving a rupee we all can spend time from our organization teaching the children through Video conferencing. If every sophisticated school connecting to a village school is made mandatory, any teacher from the school is happy to teach free for weekly one hour with out going there. Now we can have equal no of good schools at the metros with same number of good schools at the village level. Will their be any backwardness.
Tie up of with Super Speciality Hospitals
If all the hi-tech healthcare institutes and super speciality hospitals adopt one village hospital and provide necessary training to the staff, consultation through Video Conferencing tele medicine becomes a reality. Many of the diseases can be diagnosed right in the beginning. Training of the Village Doctors and Nurses is very easy as they don’t need to travel to any other place. The number of Doctors and Nurses trained , the number of patients benefited through Video conferencing will be amazing. People who cannot afford to go to a Super speciality hospital and people who cannot move because of their illness can see their specialized Doctors and get advices being at their village.
Bringing Judiciary to the doorstep

Even for a small advice or a formality the people in the villages need to go far of places to know the how to do procedures. The Judges if interacted through Video Conferencing to the Village level we will find a solution to the piling of files in the district Courts. Many problems solved at the beginning itself. If the Lawyers and Judges are connected to the villages and interact through Video Conferencing we can say that there is Judiciary available at every village.

Making resources like bandwidth at remote places will become the driving force of Video conferencing. Only then organizations can come forward to connect to rural places and employees who are willing to make their contributions will be happy to spend time from their organizations to provide services instead of money which is more valuable and rewarding to a growing nation.

Then every one will be proud to say that ' I provide service to my Nation, as my organization has adopted a village by connecting through Video Conferencing.'

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