Thursday, 17 November 2011

[ Video Conferencing & Telepresence] peoplelink-telepresence-launch

                                                                                              Video conferencing Software
                                                                                                 PeopleLink, India's Top HD Video Conferencing Software & TelePresence company, thanks all its partners and clients for making the TelePresence launch a big success. The Launch was done at the Hyderabad Elite Directors and Partner Meet on 12th Nov at Hotel Fortune Manohar.

PeopleLink TelePresence technology uses high-definition video and other immersive features to create life-like virtual meetings. PeopleLink TelePresence and HD Audio-Video Conferencing solutions provide life-like, high-definition, conferencing facilities with superior audio and video, allowing participants to meet their colleagues, customers and business partners across a virtual table. Participants can enjoy a same-room meeting experience, even if they are located in different locations around the world.

Participants can also meet more often and enjoy more productive sessions, helping to improve business interactions while potentially building stronger customer relationships, accelerating sales cycles, improving project management and forming tighter integration with remote offices.TelePresence is a natural choice for the classroom & Business environment, where live interaction between lecturer-students and Inter-Communication is critical to successful learning. PeopleLink TelePresence is custom designed to accommodate a larger audience size than traditional TelePresence systems, while still maintaining the authentic TelePresence experience with upto 16 displays.

The meeting was joined virtually by our representatives across India over Data Cards, withDelhi team logging in from moving car, Kolkata Team from Howrah Bridge, Chennai from another Partner office, Bangalore team from home location, Ahmedabad and more to show a live scenario with high definition audio and video quality.

PeopleLink is today providing a new way of working in which everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration with PeopleLink TelePresence & HD Video Conferencing solutions. Our clients include more than 400+ Corporates, Government & Defence Customers like APSRTCCDACRAIL NILAYAMTATAVOLKSWAGENGATI,WHIRLPOOLTIMES OF INDIABUSINESS STANDARDONGC and many more, who have not only implemented our solution successfully, but also have been giving us recurring orders as well as Excellent customer references. Our Technology works even on Low Bandwidth including Broadband & Data Cards.

PeopleLink TelePresence

Team PeopleLink

Multiparty VC layout

Multiparty VC

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