Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Interview with Search Engine Marketing Guru Ton Heerze

Every entrepreneur wants to be in the top positions of Google. Type a search in Google and voila, there you are. How disappointing is it when you see that the competition has a higher position in Google than you have and their websites are visited way more than yours? The company Webton from Hengelo in the Netherlands developed their own SEO platform and offers their clients top positions in Google. "We guarantee almost every entrepreneur a position in the top five", said CEO and founder of the company, Ton Heerze.

Since the most influential search engine, Google, has changed its policy, the content of a website is less valuable than the network in which the website is situated. Therefore a lot of websites went down in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) after someone searched for a certain keyword. What is counting now is the presence of companies on social networks like facebook, Google +, twitter and hyves. For Google it´s an important sign that a website is present in a good network. So the more profiles on social networks you have, the better for your network reputation.

But getting such a job done is a lot of work for most businesses. Tweeting, hyving, facebooking didn´t become verbs for nothing. To reach real success on those new communication networks, businesses have to work on them every day. Posting messages, photos and upload videos and above all making sure it looks nice because a boring entrepreneur or business is not interesting for the user. The entrepreneur who doesn't want to spend much time on social media and just wants to be found can practice search engine optimization by building up a good link structure.

"We are the only company in Twente that offer this kind of search engine optimization service," says Ton Heerze, founder of Webton internetdesign Hengelo. "We have worked very hard for almost a year to build a platform which makes it possible to put hundreds of links on other websites quite easily. Due to all those links Google considers these websites of our clients to be very important, so their websites are showing up first on certain search queries. Especially in a market in which the competition is very high, the links have a great impact in the search engine results. It´s amazing to see how a keyword like "sell cars" has brought one of our clients to the second position on Google. And then you have to think about the fact that there are more than one million competitors for this keyword. The same goes for the keyword "webdesign" where we have managed to position ourselves in between 138 million competing results to a number two spot. Not bad right? Building up a good link structure as part of search engine optimization is the top of the bill.", Ton Heerze is smiling.

Building up a strong link structure is embraced by other entrepreneurs, notices Heerze. Since the introduction of the new link system half a year ago the sales have gone up by 20%. To get all this work done Heerze had to hire new staff and rent more office space. "A lot of our existing clients want to benefit from our service and with that we are very busy. We are offering an all-in-one concept, because we are placing links on at least 150 pages and make profiles on more than 70 social networking sites which we documented. We can place videos and images and other content on them. For every entrepreneur it is only a matter of maintaining. And yes, even that we can do for them."

Ton Heerze - Founder Webton

More info on: www.webton.nl

By: Mario van Santen

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