Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Why Educational Institutions Are Taking A Fresh Look At Video Conferencing.

Video conferencing is a communications medium variously used for lectures, tutorials, workshops, project reviews, remote site visits, etc. A video conferencing can be either two ways (point-to-point) or multipoint, linking more than two locations with audio and video in real time.

Multipoint conferences are technically more demanding. Depending on the system used, a video conferencing can also include data sharing such as an electronic whiteboard that all participants can draw on, or text based real time ‘chat’ (like e-mail but it appears instantly on recipients’ screens) and application sharing such as word processors, spread sheets, CAD packages, etc, so that all participants can work on the same file.

Video conferencing software has been helpful for business for quite a while. There are a variety of reasons why educational institutions and commercial organizations are taking a fresh look at it.

Video conferencing can have an important role to play in bringing together staff and students across different institutions, bringing in outside experts from industry and reaching and supporting remote students, either in the local community or those based overseas. In particular they can be used to aid widening participation and enhancing retention rates through better support for off campus learners and assist with increasing overseas market share.

Many educational institutions and organizations are using custom build video conferencing rooms. There is an increase in numbers and usage of desktop sharing in last couple of years.
It helps in sharing teaching sessions between outreach centers or associate institutions.
It helps in Inter-institutional collaboration making students from different Institutions to work on tasks together.
The overseas market share can be increased, by providing quality learner support direct from the institutions or organizations.
Non-traditional learners, who may live near a campus or learning centre but not be able to attend campus-based sessions, can use desktop videoconferencing to interact with teaching staff.
Geographically isolated learners find video conferencing very useful.
Some operation theaters now have video conferencing setups. Medical students can get the same views as the surgeon during keyhole surgeries and may be able to ask questions during the operations.
It can give support to work based learners, students on placements and teaching company associates to use its facilities in the work place keeping links with industry.
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