Monday, 17 September 2012

Ten Secrets About Smart Classroom Solutions

The word classroom gives us a vague idea about the room with desks and chairs and a blackboard. Ready to be occupied by the students and the teachers, the classroom is confined by the four walls in the traditional sense. The classroom has evolved over time with all the modern facilities like computer and projector for the students and modern teaching aids which have become a part of the modern classroom. And now with the advent of video conferencing in education sector, it has given a new name- the smart classroom. Here learning happens by seeing the live from around the world, by group discussion with students from other countries etc. given below are the ten secrets about smart classroom solutions which have changed the education scenario by making it more interesting:

1.       1. The smart classroom solutions offer an interactive white board which acts like a traditional blackboard, the only difference is what you write can be seen by students sitting thousands of miles away.

2.        2.There is a multi-display screen in high definition which takes you to the amazing world of animals and plants and takes you back to the history via live connection with the museums, zoos, ecological parks etc.

3.    3.The practical experience which the students get in the smart classrooms gives them a clear idea about the concept which is learner centric teaching.

4.       4.Calling a guest lecture without spending a fortune was never so easy, but with video conferencing in your class you can take your students to the white house in America or the royal palace in London.

5.       5.Studying through distance education can’t give you the kind of exposure which you get in regular schools and colleges, but the universities who have adopted the smart classroom concept are as good as any regular program. In fact now studying abroad is so easy without getting into the hassles of passport and visa with the virtual connection.

6.      6. The smart classroom solutions offer unlimited access to the world of knowledge where students can attend field trips and excursions without moving out of their classrooms. The video links provide all the useful information related to the topic discussed in the class.

7.       7. The inter school competitions like declamation contest, group discussions, poetry recitation, etc can be held through video conferencing in the smart classrooms. It will resolve a lot of issues like the space problem, the time which is wasted in traveling and the money which is spend on organizing such an event.

8.       8. There is an enthusiasm to learn among students when what they read in books is there in front of their eyes on the screen. The excitement gives them a kick to crave for more knowledge making them learn through their own experience.

9.       9. The students can instantly connect with their peers abroad and can learn a lot from each other. It’s like cultural exchange program without spending on travelling. They can be part of the different expeditions around the globe with the help of video conferencing.

10.   10. The smart classroom concept offers solutions like never before with the best high definition experience one can have. It’s a true-to-life experience where the students understand the concept in a better way with all the practical examples coming their way without making any effort t move out.

There is no doubt that the smart classrooms are fast replacing the traditional classroom teaching with more and more schools adopting the video conferencing solutions in their teaching programs.

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