Monday, 17 September 2012

Top 10 Tips To Make Interactive Video Conferencing Sessions

Communication is a way of life for us to be socially connected with our surroundings and the rest of the world. The means of communication has changed over time with the advent of technology, giving us endless options to choose from. The options are many but we always go for the fastest way which can make us accessible to the whole world within seconds and what more can we ask for when the video conferencing technology is there to assist us. But technology has its own drawbacks if not used properly and with the right approach. Any interactive session can be fun with proper management of time and a nice back-up.
Listed below are the top 10 tips which can make our interactive sessions through video conferencing a memorable experience and not a nightmare:
1.       1. Make sure that you are using high quality audio and video system. It means spending a little more, but a good audio/video system will ensure a high quality output.

2.       2. In case of a conference, try and get multi-display screen of high definition. When you are having more than two people in an interaction, giving equal space to each participant is a nice thing to do. A multi-display will help getting the focus on each individual helping you to conduct the conference in a more democratic way.

3.       3. Be attentive to what the speaker is saying and give time to the other person to speak. Don’t try to suppress the other person’s voice to put you on top. Never interrupt the session in between when other participants are expressing their views.

4.       4. Make sure the background is subtle and the room is well lit with all the cameras at the proper place.

5.       5. Be your best self, your personality should reflect an aura and charisma. Your gestures, hand movements, expressions, dressing style are part of your personality, so make sure you look your best.

6.       6. Never shout or pass derogatory remarks about anyone and never whisper, remember your conference is being recorded. It’s a live session where you are heard and seen with all interest.

7.       7. Avoid taking any call during the course of the conference, in case of emergency just excuse yourself by auto-switch off option in your video conferencing.

8.       8. Your voice should be audible and your ideas should be clear, never get into an argument in the middle of the interactive session.

9.       9. Never slouch on the chair or lift your feet up to the table while having an interactive session through video conferencing as it gives a very wrong image to others.

10.   10. Always make sure that you have a full back-up support to avoid any kind of technical failure. Your service provider must give you a 24/7 backup in case of emergency. In case the interactive session ends abruptly, try to restore it in minimum time and apologize for the disturbance. Don’t panic, a technical snag can happen anywhere.
The video conferencing has made the live interactive sessions so interesting that sometimes we forget that there’s a screen which still acts like a physical barrier. And believe me by following certain ethics and mannerism, you will surely have the best interaction through virtual means.

The author Shelly works as a SEO at Peoplelink Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leader in Video Conferencing software products,  also sells audio conferencing products and multimedia products like Mini Led Projectors and Interactive White Boards.

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