Thursday, 4 April 2013

Medical Remedies Through Video Conferencing

Remote villages suffer from lack of proper health remedies which are easily possible in cities. Even after Setting up the required equipment and facilities we don't find sufficient doctors to treat the village people. We see the equipment unused and get rusted and the suffering of the people unanswered. At times of emergency we find people rushing to far of places for treatment and most of time spent to find the correct doctor and it becomes too late for the actual treatment to start. Most of the developing countries face the same problem. Many of the doctors who are passionate enough to serve the needy patients at remore corners cannot reach because of their daily routine work at their work places. Patients try reaching the doctors on phones to get advices and suggestions regarding whom to approach. So the doctors are always ready to help out the patients how ever busy they are. The same help can be extented by the doctors, helping the remote people from their work places itself by the use of Video conferencing equipment.
Communicating through Video conferencing is like conversing face to face as the equipment collaborates audio and video as well. The villages can be connected to the hospitals in the cities by setting up the equipment in the health centers in the villages and explaining the processes to the employees there.
Many of the patients with severe chronic diseases, patients on oxygen find difficulty in traveling to the hospital far away to get treatment. All the developing countries lack skilled doctors. Due to minimum resources people in remote villages are deprived of health care. Most of the problems can be solved by the advice of the doctors, implementing Video conferencing helps the doctors to literally see the patients condition and give suggestions. Such kind of programs not only spare travel and conserve energy also helps in making a single doctor be present at multiple locations.
Introducing new methods of communication like Video Conferencing involves, Teaching the trainees how and when to speak and ensure to build trust in the concept of treatment online is the same as reaching the doctor and getting remedies face to face. Making it interesting and informational with relevant educational videos. Involving the trainees in group discussions. Providing guidance of a eminent doctor in the initial stages is important. Multiple health centers from different villages can be given training at the same time, it helps in building interaction between the centers and learning from each other becomes easy. It is accepted that globally telehealth will be of greater use and technology plays an important role in promoting.
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