Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Video Conferencing Verses Texting Messages

In the era of Technology, everyone of us want to communicate fast, want our message to be reached faster. Texting messages on mobile, sending email messages online had brought about a drastic change in the society and made a base for online communication. With the advent of Video Conferencing we see a new era of communicating face to face even being thousands of miles away.
Texting messages and sending emails can to some extent bring out a picture of the conversation, but interpreting the real thought of the information is not reached as it lacks the power of modulation of voice and facial expression, which gives a real picture to the person on the other side. Most of which a person’s attitude has already been told by the body gestures, eye contact and facial expressions, as the body speaks louder than words can. When we listen to someone talk, we closely concentrate on where the person gives a stress to his words, automatically modulates his voice depending upon his own intentions, we also can make out the confidence level of the person by the way he tries to keep eye contact with the audience, a person’s body movements and the rapidness of gestures he makes declares his faith in the thought he passes. We can observe and analyze from the high and low levels of breathing he does.
Texting is flat, does n’t have any expression which human beings have. These expressions are very important to and make 80% of the impact on the listener than the words a speaker speaks. On phones and online messaging all these expressions get lost and we get only the words. In the present world of business, every piece of information is important and passing the information at greater speed is most import. Sharing, discussing and arriving at a decision has to be done at much greater speed. The internet is the fastest among all the communications of today. Video conferencing is a better way where the audio along with the video can be seen. Face to face interactions can happen with all the gestures and facial expressions.

Video conferencing is an amazing tool which connects people across the world with a short notice, individuals can see each other and participate in group discussions and conferences having a feel of sitting in a same place. It is very important for business meetings, that all the members are present at the meetings, such meetings where members may be scattered across the world, where video conferencing plays a prominent role in gathering people together.
The affordability of Video Conferencing is its capability to hold meetings and exchange ideas concerned to business without traveling, time consuming for a desired task is prominently reduced. By the implementation of video conferencing members of the conference to stay in their own comfort to accomplish the task. With the advancement of technology Video conferencing is possible not only on a desktop but can be done using laptop and mobile. All this possible as online conferencing gives a full fledged feeling of a face to face conversation with the members whom we interact.
Video Conferencing has become a business necessity rather than a luxury. As there cannot be any office without internet connection and telephone, the future reality is there can be no office without Video conferencing.
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