Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Benefits of Video Conferencing in Children's Education

Education doesn't mean making the child to sit in a class room and mug up the lessons. Educating a child involves moulding him mentally and physically by giving awareness of various issues which may involve visuals, explanations, narrations about great people, videos , field trips and many things which the teacher uses instantly to make the concept clear for the child. It is totally viewing the worldly matters through the eyes of the teacher. Here the teacher is like the windows of the class room through which the child can see the whole world.

Sharing an eminent teacher - Finding a teacher who has sound knowledge of the subject and can make it interesting and generate curiosity in the child is a very difficult task. So here comes the situation where if one teacher is found his/her abilities should be shared by maximum number of students with in schools or across the branches. When online video conferencing is implimented in a school with multiple branches the teacher teaches in one class room in one branch and can answer the queries of a student in another branch.

Education in remote villages - Video conferencing is a very useful communication tool which can effectively bring about quality education possible even in remove villages. Technological advances in Video conferencing, broadband Internet and inexpensive webcams which can easily be equipped even in villages can be used to give quality education for children who are denied minimum education.

Expert advices – On line video conference plays an important role in proving expert advices to the children in their respective subject. As the subject experts cannot spent more time repeatedly for each group of students, online video conferencing can be arranged in which all the groups participate at the same time and the responses given by the Expert team can shared by all the groups through online video conferencing.

Carrier counciling - Decision making of the future of the student is a crucial matter where the student needs to meet successful people live and share their experiences. Getting appointment and having discussions with successful personalities is a difficult task for a student which can be done by the school management in tie up with other schools and conduct a online video conferencing for carrier guidence and counseling with multiple personalities at the same time.

Scientific advancements - Video conferencing services can be used to update the children in the day to day advancements in scientific world.

Children's achievements – Child's achievements can be presented and shared to peer students at different schools to know where they stand, what more to achieve and to set up new goals and implement new ideas shared from peer students geographically far apart.

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