Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How to write an article for article submission sites

Rules to follow while submitting an article

  1. Choose a correct category - The choice of the category should be appropriate for easy approval of the article.
  2. Catchy tile - Writing a catchy title is very important . It should be catchy and easy to use words. If the title has keywords it becomes more easy for the the article to become search engine optimized. As key words are the words for which the users are searching in the web for the information the users wanted.
  3. Keywords - Selecting the key words which have more traffic make the article optimized. The search words for which the users enter in the Google search bar are the keywords. The author while presenting the article can look at the words for which the users are searching for, in a particular nich and take a bit of care to use them in their articles. Google provides the Google Analytics for the keywords.
  4. Summary - Summary is the over all view of the article what is it going to deal about. The story of the article is told on a brief note which appears as a description of what will be the body. It should be made attractive to attract more people to click on the article title.
  5. Body The body is the place where the author writes all the information he wants to tell. An article body is a description of any topic which is clear, informative and useful to the user. Article submission is a wonderful idea where the information written is made available to the users all around the world using the internet.  The authors should keep in mind that the readers of the articles are from all level from a lay man to a professional so the language should be simple, and the information provide should be extraordinary. One point should be clear that if the user doesn't find the required information as promised in the title he will not return back to read further articles by the author.
    There are many Article submission sites which accept article and publish on the net. Other than providing the article the websites also give an option of resource box where the details of the author and the website can be written.
  6. Resource box Here the details of the author and the two links – one to the home page, and one to the inner page can be made available to the user for further reference.
note: After deciding the category and title of the article the article should be first wirtten in a text editor like word pad or Msword and then posted in the article submission directories.

The author Sharada is working as an successful SEO for Peoplelink Corporate Solutions, a leader in  Video Conferencing solutions. She has 3+yrs of experience in Content writing and web designing. She also helps in promoting Video Conferencing   products.

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