Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What is Social Bookmarking ?

I was not aware of Social Bookmarking before. Then I was just saving all the urls in a word document under different category heading. When ever I wanted any information of any domain i have saved I was making use of the bookmarks Word Document. That was my bookmarking idea.

But I found that there were many practical difficulties in using this type of document.
It was not available when I was of station as I did not upload it in the web.
The collection of urls were only of what I identified, there was no versatality and choice .
No like minded people to share my ideas and discoveries.

These problems were solved when I started knowing about Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking site is such a boon that when a bookmarking is saved in a site it is available all around the world and it is a collection of bookmarks of thousands of people like me.

Social Bookmarking site is a collection of thousands of users pages of urls arranged category wise with a search box which helps to get the urls required in a particular niche. Now if I want to pick up websites for a particular requirement I need not search in the web I have the urls saved by some one. So only If I find some thing new I can quickly save it as my discovery for my future use as well as for other users. Really I feel relaxed what a great tool Social Bookmarking sites are.

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