Thursday, 4 August 2011

Echo Cancellation – Bringing Clarity to a Conference

Echo is the sound or a voice we hear due to the reflection caused by the obstruction caused in the propagation medium. When we shout in a empty room or facing a mountainous valley area we can hear to our same voice after a fraction of a second. The voice hits to the mountain and returns back then what we hear is called an Echo.

Disturbances caused by an Echo: When conversing on a telephone echo degrades the quality of sound. In a telephonic conference clarity in the hearing aids is desirable. Echos can cause confusion creating annoyance in the participants and unexpected interruption in important conferences. Voice discomfort upsets the members and leads to misconception of the topic . The disturbed participants in a meeting end up with a no result conference.

Conferencing in Business:
The most important people in business are the customers. Only innovative business strategies can bring about more success to business.When a business is rapidly growing its a very different challenge to keep up to the customer satisfaction. If there is massive swing in the business and the branches spread horizontally across the world efficient staff recruitment and upgrading the staff with staff training becomes a business requirement. Which becomes challenging and demands frequent interaction with the staff. Personally meeting the staff repeatedly may not be possible. For quick up dations with the staff Audio Conferencing is the best way, where formal setting of conference hall is not necessary.

Organizing a meeting when the members are at different locations can be done by first deciding the participants, giving the information such as date, time and topic, intimating them through email or through sms. Connecting Echo cancellation speakers to any application such as Skype, Google talk or any Video conferencing equipment brings about a real conference environment .
Setting up of good quality speakers is very much necessary, as the whole business decisions are based upon the discussions and the suggestions from the staff.

Echo Cancellation in a Conference: Most of the Conferences are conducted using a telephone connection(PSTN) it would be operator based and the meeting is much interrupted with other phone lines and exchange problems. Conferencing speakers can cancel the echos caused by the walls, floor and ceiling which are called Acoustic Echos and also the internal phone line echos. Voice enhancing equipment along with the advanced Conferencing technology like Video Conferencing software and hardware enhaces the clarity of the conference. A conference microphone speaker has a built in high performance echo cancellation which can recognize the sound coming from the system and voice of the participants. The voice from the system and participants is first caught by the microphone and then the sounds from the system are canceled and only the voice of the people in the conference is sent.

VOIP connectivity speakers compatible with skype or Google talk are very much advisable for a conference of 8 to 10 participants in a meeting. Video Conferencing integrated with Audio conferencing speakers can bring about amazing Conference environment in Business meetings.

Audio Conferencing Speakers integrated with Video conferencing can bring about high quality of voice of the participants in the conference which on the whole brings about quality Video conferencing. As the audio conferencing devices are Compatible with Skype, GoogleTalk or any other VOIP application they are many business people choice.

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  1. Very informative .
    While designing an Echo cancellation system , we have to keep two things in mind. those are:-

    first recognizing the originally transmitted signal that re-appears, with some delay, in the transmitted or received signal.
    secondly you have to choose the best method for designing that .some of methods are echo suppressors or echo cancellers.

    To implement the system we generally use the digital signal processor technique.
    You have a great idea regarding
    echo cancellation.

  2. As noise is one of the measure problem which people faces while convertiating or transfering data from one device to another . So the measures should be taken to remove this noise. As Line Echo Canceller is best way to remove noise.