Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Happy Vinayaka Chaviti

Happy Vinayaka Chaviti from Peoplelink Video Conferencing Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Vinayaka Chaviti is an Indian festival which is celebrated all over India. It is the most enjoyed festival of India as all the children, youth and the old participate in doing pooja of the diety Vinaya, the god who can keep away all the obstacles. The Idol is kept in all communities, houses and all the public community places and worshiped for 10 days and the 11 day the idol is moved in a procession and immersed in water. All the 10 days people keep visiting the God and sharing the Prasadam. This the festival where all people give time to meet people and enjoy.

Vinaya is know as the God for all as he accepts every small grass as Nivadium, the offering given to God and blesses every one who offers whole heartedly.

God Vinaya is prayed before starting any new work as people believe that the work goes on with out any obstacles.

By Sharada
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